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Commercial contract cleaning


Offices, Retail premises, Showrooms, Medical Practices..... If you have a business, ask us for a quote.

Labour supplied, equipment supplied, materials supplied, basically everything under one bill so to speak.

Automatic relief cover for holidays, illness etc. If a day of service is missed, of course you are not charged.

Handy Help

Timegate - what's this?

Staff Check

Timegate is a telephone system that the cleaning operative uses on arrival at your premises and it records the time they started work and the time they finish. Reports are available to customers to ensure they receive the number of hours we are contracted to supply.

Type of businesses we provide for - Solicitors, Dentists, Doctors surgeries, Car Dealers, Retail shops, manufacturing factories, Building material suppliers, licensed premises, and shopping centre's....Almost any workspace you can think of.

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